Your Awesome Virtual Device the gear VR

It is amazing to think that the Gear VR can let you see sea creatures, but in the virtual version. It also can let you see dinosaurs and roller coasters, If you have not seen those things in person, you should read this article and get the Gear VR! Gear VR is a virtual field trip you can buy at a store.

Your virtual field trip is in a lot of different places! Like, Burlington, Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, Game Stop and Target, so stop wasting your time and go there now!

Your awesome device is very simple! How you use it is you put it on your head and over your eyes and pick lots of virtual things, and there's a little pad on the side to move at every section you want. Also you can have a IPhone for Gear VR and a samsung phone. Then download want you want like sea creatures on the app store, but you need to buy the full version to have dinosaurs, rollercoasters and other sea creatures that are extinct or hard to find like the mosasaurs and that's a dinosaur.

That's a mosasaurus. WHAAAT???!!
Sea lions!?

The virtual things you can see are very cool! The things you can see is sea creatures, roller coasters and even dinosaurs! Gear VR is a very cool thing!

Now that you have read this article, you know where to buy Gear VR, how to use Gear VR and you know the virtual things you can see! Well get that Gear VR and let's go explore! Well now that you know everything about Gear VR, go get it before it’s sold out!

See you later thanks for reading this article! And make sure to get the Gear VR!


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