The Dark Side of Chicken Farms Antibiotic use by Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms uses antibiotics in attempts to keep their chickens healthy.

The living conditions, the spread of sicknesses and diseases from overcrowding, and the inhumane treatment the chickens receive all play a role.

Living conditions are cramped, with birds numbering in the thousands. They are also incredibly filthy, being ridden with waste, as well as corpses of perished birds, and ventilated. Antibiotics are used by Perdue to keep most of the chickens from dying due to environmental induced sicknesses.

On the left column: how Perdue's chickens are raised and the effect it has on the birds. On the right column: how chickens should be raised and the effect it has on the birds.

Overcrowding and the overall living conditions has lead to the spread of sicknesses and diseases and many dead chickens. Perdue's use of antibiotics treating sicknesses only makes the virus stronger and immune to medication.

"We strive to ensure the health, comfort and respectful treatment of poultry, with a focus on continuous improvement." - Jim Perdue, Chairman

As chicks, chickens are thrown around immediately after hatching, and their beaks are trimmed off without any pain relief. As adults, chickens are thrown, stomped, and hit with objects. Workers have been known to rip off chicken's heads with their bare hands. Antibiotic use does not justify this treatment!


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