Gmarket Recommendations for improvement

Summary of Analysis

Gmarket has established an exclusive e-tailer platform for online shopping. After analysis with the 7Cs framework of website effectiveness, it can conclude that the site has contained sufficient e-commerce dimensions to fulfil consumers purchase decision process. Most of the design of site contribute to the success of responding consumers demand by understanding buyers behaviour.

However, improvements are still required to enrich website design. Here are several recommendations for you to bring in more browsing traffic from users with diverse shopping interests.
1. Product search function is related to Context that it is capable to facilitate consumer perceptions and shopping process. In the product categories, it is suggested to add more featured search conditions. Incorporating "need recognition" related features is essential in the website design. For instance, there should contain colour family (i.e. pink, violet and grey), style or type (i.e. elegant, cute, sets and workwear) and length (i.e. mini, midi and maxi) below search engine. This will be more convenient for customers to find their needs, search ideal items and evaluate alternative products within their fields.
2. For the Connection, you are proposed to create more social media accounts. There are only three links on the site now and all them are focus on Asian market rather than the global market. As Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. are extremely popular all around the world these days, you should create official accounts to gain social engagement and connection by posting inspire photos and articles. Leading users to use hashtags (i.e. #Gmarket) is an alternative way to enhance interactivity since this enables them to search for particular content, such as special offers and brands information.
3. Providing help is a kind of Collaboration. Here is an advice for you to offer adequate help on customers products selection. Even though the function of book marking current position of satisfied merchandises is helpful for keeping record, it can go much further to assist users' information evaluation. You should provide table or figure among those chosen products so that purchasers can be easily make comparison. Consequently, customers can be effectively compare their selected items within the same category and even the same type in order to eliminate confusion.

Hope these insights help providing your consumers a better online shopping environment and experience.

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