Slavery A slave is Person who is not trEated lIke one. They get tortured and whipped and dont even get paid!!! And they work verY hard,if you think maids are slaves yOu are Wrong because maids get trEated nicelY and also get paid.the reason why ThEre was'NT any white slaves back in the years is beCause racism was there and nelson mandela was very angRy because he was black and people diD'NT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE SO HE TRIED to stop it but only ended Up in jail. Africa traded their people for textiles and rice and gun powder and also tabaCco with europe. As you could see In the backgrounD of this little paragraph you will see a slave Hanging by his foot Probably Going to get whipped! If this happened in these days the torturers will get a life sentence in Jail or maybe a deAth penalty, its depends who and how brutallY you torture The person or slave.slavery is still staying strong and pretty much never going to stop.


David abdulnour

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