Prodigy!!:-) By Shreya kalapatapu:-)

This is the old version of prodigy.

Did you know PRODIGY is the most popular math game in the world? Once you start, you can’t stop! As you read this article, you will learn how to get started, how to have a wizard battle, and learn about pets.

This is the symbol of Prodigy.

If you ever want to start to play this fun, addicting math game here is how you get started.If your teacher ever introduces Prodigy to you, then you use a class code. If you teacher does not have a class code then you use your teacher’s email. Or if you’re at home then, you use your parent’s email. After you done the code or email then you make a wizard to play as in Prodigy. This is how you make a person for Prodigy: First you choose a girl or a boy. Then you choose skin color, then you chose hair style, hair color, and eye color. Then you choose a world, and then you choose a name.

Now you might want sooo many pets, so I’ll tell you how to get all those pets(Or Else Without Pets & You Will Die!!!!).Whenever you want to switch your pets, then you click the pink paw at the end of your screen. Click on it, than you click on a pet than it will bounce up & down then click on another pet than they will switch. If you see a person’s head, that means you can’t move yourself unless you moving it to another spot. Before you even get pets, you have to catch them in a battle, To catch a pet you have to have 500 or more coins.

This is the LOGO of PRODIGY!!

Hopefully you have learned how to start playing Prodigy, how to battle and last but not least you learned about pets. Now that you have learned to play Prodigy I hope you play it!"Bye!":-)

This is the prodigy monster working some...... MAGIC!!!!

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