Common Exhibit #5: Professor Interview Aidan Pilon Spring 2017

Professor: Benjamin Schwall

Professor Benjamin Schwall, Department of Economics, Clemson University

Class: Economics 2110

List of Questions that I asked Professor Schwall


I chose to interview Professor Schwall because he struck me as an interesting person and I couldn't really figure him out in class, so I wanted to get to know him on a personal level. My interview with Professor Schwall taught me many things including the importance and effects of trial and error. He originally wanted to be a lawyer and didn't like the law environment and the high stress lifestyle that goes along with that occupation. He really enjoys research and that is why he chose to be a professor, specifically in the field Economics which is a research based subject. He continues his research as a professor and considers himself lucky to take one day off per week. My biggest take away from interviewing Professor Schwall was his perspective on treating school like a 9-5 job. If you are working eight hours per day in between classes and after classes, you will be successful. The biggest transaction from high school to college is the loss of structure and that it is no longer the instructor's job to make sure that you get your work done completely and in a timely manner. He gave me some helpful insight in the field of economics and how it is related to mathematics in the sense that it is all application once you get the basic concepts down. This information will be helpful for me when studying for my final exam.


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