Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By: akshay Bhogaita

Nature on Display: The frog exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History truly had me immersed in nature and ignited my curiosity to see and learn more. The set up of the exhibit was amazing because it immediately makes a visitor feel like they are in a rainforest. The dim lighting and colors of the exhibit are ideal and definitely evoked my imagination. The frog exhibit was particularly appealing to me because they have live animals that you don't see often unless you visit a museum. The frog collection that the museum has gathered is ideal because they have frogs that have ornate patterns, abnormal size, and pure beauty. Regarding the natural world, I learned that frogs can live in many different environments but are prone to becoming endangered due to other animals and people taking from their food sources. I truly enjoyed this aspect of the museum because i was able to walk around and view the frogs in different environments and read descriptions about how they differ from other frogs. This exhibit struck me because I had never seen so many different types of frogs in one place before. It made me appreciate nature and the beauty within it. I never had much knowledge about frogs before the museum visit, but now I know that they play a huge role within nature and are vital to the health of our ecosystems.
Nature and Ethics: Leopold advocated that the care for people can never exceed the care for land. I believe that the land ethic he advocated for is closely represented within the Florida Museum of Natural History. The butterfly garden is a great representation of what Leopold advocated for with the direct interaction between nature and people. When I first entered the butterfly garden i was fascinated with the beautiful greenery and free flying butterflies. Very often, butterflies were landing on the visitors and the visitors got to experience the beauty f the butterflies close-up. The butterfly garden felt like a safe and open place for the wildlife to interact with each other as well as the visitors with no dangers present. This visit made me appreciate the true beauty that nature has to offer while keeping in mind that as humans, we are just another part of nature and we cannot continue to ruin our own environments because it puts ourselves, and more notably, nature in danger. My experience in the museum instilled in me that humans need to do their part to keep natures beauty alive.
Nature and the Human Spirit - As I saw the fossil of this ancient shark, I immediately began to use my imagination to recognize the mystery and majesty of the universe. Its difficult for a college kid like me, in the 21st century, to even fathom the ancient world. However, this representation of the mouth of an extinct shark made me imagine exactly how it was. This exhibit made me feel as if I time traveled back in time and living when these fossils were live animals. Me and the friend that i went to the museum with looked at each other and wondered how different the universe was back then. This made me thankful for evolution because it would be pretty scary if fish this big still existed. Seeing this fossil helped me step out of my ordinary life and truly ponder how evolution took place and how the universe has changed within the past thousands to millions of years. The fossil of the Megalodon shark put the modern world into perspective for me because this ancient shark was over thirty times the size of the great white sharks we see today. This made me better understand who we are and how insignificant the human race is in the grand scheme of things. After seeing a fossil of a fish being so astoundingly large, I now truly appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world.

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