Black Lives Matter Rebekah

It all started in 2013 when there was a shooting between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Riots broke out everywhere because people didn't think they had justice for Trayvon. The streets started to be covered like a blanket of people. When the two african americans and Micheal Brown became a case, people of Ferguson, Colorado went it to major anger. The people of Ferguson didn't think they had justice. The riots and protests were constant, day in and day out. In 2015, this "movement" became apart of the presidential election. This "movement" has been criticized but I agree with those civil rights leaders. During the protests, people covering their faces like they had to hide something. Police had to throw tear gas because the riots were getting to the point where it became out of control. People think they are above the law, so when the law is enforced and they don't obey it, expect to have consequences.

"I belong here"

In todays society we believe we are entitled to everything. We think we have the right to do the things we want. Yet, everything has rules and laws. This "movement" all started because of police shootings. I don't agree when they even call it police shootings. Imagine you are the law, its past curfew, and there is a young man walking and you ask them to stop. They keep walking, so you ask them again more firmly. He reaches down and you did want you were taught. Protect first. I would have done the same thing. Yes, its a hard thing to do. What would have you done in that situation?

We all want what we can't have. Peace. Why are we fighting and having protests here in our own country when we have soldiers fighting over seas for our own freedom?



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