Design Thinking 101 by: Tristan , and matthew

Materials paper, pencils, pencil crayons, markers,imagination, and scissors.

education purposes you can streagthen your art and practice art a fun way.

additional information share these comics that you make with your family and friends.

goals to make a successful comic

proceedral writeing:

Step one: first fold a page in have to make a hamburger.

Step two: then, trim the top until you are satisfied with your square.

Step three: now that you have your square, trace the size onto a couple of other papers. Now it's time to draw the comic!

Step two part two: make your comic by simply adding shapes like squares and rectangles.

Step two part three: now that your borders are done, draw the main character.

Step three part four: now the main character must have a purpose like why are they there or, who are there friends.

Step four: Now that you have your comic done, it's Time to bind the pages together.

Step five: staple the pages right in the middle and there you have it, your very own comic!

step six: once you've finished all those steps you're going to use you're imagination and design you're front covers

step seven: you have mastered on how to make a comic.

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Tristan Wilson


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