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USAID's flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) invites you to join us as we recognize the importance of strengthening measurement to accelerate improved coverage, quality and equity of high-impact reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) interventions as a priority in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) era.

Follow @MCSPglobal and @USAIDGH and use the hashtag #DataforHealth to share the importance of using evidence-based decisions on the delivery of RMNCAH services. Also, share this toolkit: http://bit.ly/DataforHealth.


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#DataforHealth identifies health system performance gaps and drives equitable improvements in #RMNCH. @MCSPglobal works with countries to strengthen their health information systems and promote the use of routine data. Visit our legacy page for more: http://bit.ly/DataLegacy

#DataForHealth advances the measurement and collection of key #RMNCAH information that can be used to save lives. Join @USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal and share why #DataforHealth is critical to improve the health of #MomandBaby. http://bit.ly/DataforHealth

Messages to Share

About Data and Why it Matters

#DataForHealth is needed to identify trends and problems in #globalhealth.

#DataForHealth contributes to improved tracking of service quality and health outcomes.

#DataForHealth can help tell the story of gaps and progress with respect to #RMNCAH service access, readiness, utilization, content, quality, experience of care, and health outcomes.

#DataForHealth helps health care workers and managers use the right information, at the right time, to make evidence-based decisions.

#DataForHealth is a commitment to ongoing improvements in #globalhealth. #USAIDTransforms.

Improving #DataForHealth will promote accountability and help countries track progress made towards #RMNCAH #globalgoals and objectives.

#DataForHealth supports country self-reliance and sustainability in the #SDG era.

Moving Data For Health Forward

#Healthworkers can’t provide #MomsandBabies quality health care without #DataForHealth.

We need to ensure data are disaggregated by gender, and age and other relevant characteristics to guarantee that equity gaps are identified and addressed. #DataForHealth

#DataForHealth can be used to inform #RMNCAH policies at multiple levels of #healthsystems.

#DataForHealth can be used to strengthen measurement for action at the national, subnational, facility and community levels.

We won’t reach #globalgoals without #DataForHealth.

Twitter Chat

@USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal hosted a Twitter chat conversation on measurement and data in #globalhealth. Check out the hashtag #DataforHealth to view the conversation.


@MCSPglobal hosted, "Measurement Matters! Improving Routine #RMNCAH Data for Better Outcomes", an online discussion with global experts, country leaders and partners on the importance of #DataforHealth in #globalhealth. Watch the webinar here: http://bit.ly/MeasurementMattersWebinar.

Where To Find Us

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"Data" Graphic Art: Liz Eddy/MCSP

Graphic Art: Jessica Wabara Baker/ MCSP

Photos: Kate Holt/MCSP; Karen Kasmuski/MCSP

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Jessica Wabara Baker

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