Cloning PRos and cons

Scientist have been working on a way to make new organs for people that have lost an organ. This process mainly includes cloning the subjects organ or creating stem cells and forcing them to become a new organ.

However even though this discovery has been a scientific marvel many people consider this "unethical". Some people even think that people are playing "god".

The base for people being against this practice would be that this "surgery" can go horribly wrong. A perfect example of this would be Dolly the Sheep. Whether you know of that sheep or not all you need to know is that it took 277 tries to clone the sheep.

But, in point of defending this topic let's suppose that they procedure goes perfectly and your child is being cloned. It will take less time for your child to be cloned then for the child to be born naturally. The process of cloning begins briefly with the cells being cloned, which takes 5 to 6 months.

Process of cloning

  1. cut the gene that you wanting to study or work on the DNA strand
  2. Place the gene into a vector Which is called a plasmid making it easer to transport the gene
  3. Put the plasmid into an E or any kind of bacteria. As each E divides each cell will contain a copy of the gene in the plasmid
  4. Make as many as you want
  5. Break apart the E using a chemical that will dissolve the cell wall
  6. Collect the plasmids that has the containing gene
  7. Place the plasmid into a human cell
  8. Over the time has past the plasmid will be incorporated into the host cell DNA and the new gene will change the proteins produced
  9. Observe physical changing between the cells

Some people would want to clone a lost loved one or loved pet but some people would just deal with them gone but still in mind


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