My research topic is teams. I chose teams because I like sports teams and I like sports. My research purpose is to see how many people like sports, how many people like sport teams and how many people play a sport. One surprising thing I saw that people put on my survey is people all like sports.

This graph tells you who took it, the blue is 7th grade and 8th is red
This graph tells you who took it, the blue is Male and the red is Female
The 70% is yes they like sports and the 30% is no.
The blue tells you how everyone likes sports
This tells you that 30 percent does not play sports and 70 percent does
This tells you what sports the people play
This tells you that 20 percent likes the cavaliers and 80 percent like an other team
red is professional, blue is college and orange is other
90 percent is 1-10 hours of watching sports and red is 10-20 hours


Created with images by eekim - "Cavaliers"

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