Protecting your Identity By: Cassie Elkins

Identity Theft can happen anywhere & at anytime. When someone steals your identity, they are taking your personal information like your credit card or Social Security Number. Some people are really good at taking it, they can use mostly anything that has your personal information.

About 15 million US residents have their ID stolen each year

Roughly 16.6 million people ages 16 & older are victims of ID theft

ID theft can be stolen in many ways, your Social Security Number, Credit Card, ID, etc.

The steps you need to follow when you find out your ID has been stolen are to Deter, Detect, & Defend.

First you want to DETER identity thieves by safeguarding your information
Second you want to DETECT suspicious activity by routinely monitoring your financial accounts & billing statements
Lastly you want to DEFEND against identity theft as soon as you suspect a problem

5 Tips to stay safe & to avoid getting your ID stolen

How people steal ID's and how ID theft works

Make sure you shred financial documents before discarding them, protect your Social Security number, don't give out personal information unless you're sure who you're dealing with, don't use obvious passwords, & keep your information secure.

Keep your information protected!


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