Dionysus's Grapedrops A Movie Theater Candy Company

Here at Dionysus's Grapedrops, we value satisfaction and taste in our candies. We choose from the finest and freshest grapes that I, Dionysus, grows. We work hard in our facility to ensure we give you the best product.

To taste, Grapedrops are sweet, hard candies with a thin, hard, purple shell and a gummy, grapey center.

Our business is a husband-wife team business, so Ariadne and I are the presidents. My father, Zeus, is the Humans Resources Manager, and my mother, Semele, is the Marketing Manager. We also have a bring-your sacred-animal-to-work day, so my panther becomes a great help in keeping things in order. We don't have any children, but we hope the business will keep going on for as long as possible.

To prove I have the interpersonal skills to lead my facility compassionately, I will tell you a story.

So, I taught a person how to make wine my way. So, the man, named Ikarios, gave it to some shepherds. The shepherds though the wine was poisoned so they killed Ikarios. Being saddened by this, I made him into to stars, which are part of the constellations of Ursa Major and Bootes.

I hope you are willing to help our business. We truly wish you enjoy our little treats. This is sure to help dry the tears of that sad movie you're watching. Stay grapey!


Created with images by DigitalDesigner - "isolated animal leopard" • jill111 - "purple grapes vineyard napa valley" • dan taylor - "Office wallpaper" • isawnyu - "Mosaics in the House of Dionysus (III)"

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