T, Godwin Art 1 Portfolio

Beginning of the year
My Goal for this card was to explore more and be different than everyone else in High School and stand out.
My Goal for this card was to step out of my comfort zone and start living without strings and just be confident and love life.
This drawing was a contour drawing meaning we couldn't look at our paper and we weren't focusing on proportion but we were focusing on placement and movement.
This is my Skull drawing, we looked at a skull and we had to draw it without looking at our paper. I learned that I'm a better artist than I thought without looking.
These were drawings of my hand that I did without looking at my paper or my hand. Also we were not aloud to pick up our peinces
This is another contour drawing. Once again we were not aloud to look at our paper.
3-D Shapes
1 point perspective meaning the light hits the box from one place.
2 point perspective boxes, meaning light hits the box from more than one place.
Facial Features
Surrealism art is a form of art that takes real things and replaces them with unnatural objects. For example a chicken with human legs. In this piece I used personal symbols and a place that I really love. Cats aren’t in the sky on someone’s hands, giraffes aren’t found in the mountains or on a rock, this is how I used surrealism; placing unnatural things in a natural setting.
The Puppet Show Work!

The Northwood Arts classes put on a puppet show called One Home. All the Art students helped make puppets and we also had help from Donovan Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman is from a locally grown business called Paper Hand Puppets, every puppet in his business is made from scratch and all from hand. One Home is about a lion that is on a journey to get back home, on her journey she meets many animals on the way that give her advice. The money that was made from our performances went to the Chatham County and South African United Way and the LIV Village of South Africa.

Dying fabric for the giraffe puppets!
A stick puppet that I made from scratch, the outcome was a Giraffe.
My Giraffe
Our Class was in charge of Eland.
Our class was in charge of making Eland.
Self Portrait
I used an analogous color scheme in this piece meaning all the colors I used are next to each other on the color wheel. This was the very first self portrait I’ve done and I’m extremely proud of it. The picture that I used was a picture that I loved of myself. Greens and Yellows are my favorite colors so that’s the reason I chose to do an analogous color scheme.
process picture
process picture
Digital Pop Art

Pop Art was a form of art that Andy Warhol invented. Pop Art is art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values.

Clay Mask
As an artist I feel like people see my art but don’t see me in it. My ceramic mask was a piece that took personal symbols and made them all go together in one piece. Giraffes, mountains, cats, and painting are things that make me feel at peace in a crazy world; and over all art makes me feel at peace and like I’m more than just a group of atoms here on Earth. The colors I used symbolize my bubbly personality and my love for art.
Color Theory
What I've Learned In Art 1

In Art 1 this year I have learned a lot about myself as an artist and my abilities. I've learned more art vocabulary, vocabulary about paint brushes all the way to form and unity. Learning more vocabulary will help me in my art career and in life. I've also learned more about the history of art and the way many artists created their famous pieces. I've also learned about different ways to paint and the different mediums you can use. Art 1 has really shown me how much I've grown as an artist. As an artist at school and at home in planning on taking more art classes here at Northwood High School and possibly other places like summer camps. Art 1 will benefit me with the rest of my art career and I'm very thankful I was able to take a class like this.

Art Piece Info.
This piece is done by Ansel Adams. He was an American artist that did pieces of different mediums but he really enjoyed printing. The medium of this piece is Gelatin silver print. This was done in 1938.
This quote is my favorite because I love exploring and learning new things and that's what this quote is all about.
Extra Art I Did On My Own
My bedroom door
Canvas painting
Light switch cover
Sticker collage!

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