Enhancing Employee Competency of Technology Bzagswaggy Consulting Group

Research Problem

  • BW Company is seeking training for employees on new technology
  • Given one branch out of their 30 offices to implement training process
  • According to Leonard-Barton, D. and Kraus, W.A. there is a gap in the technology acquired and the ability to put it to work effectively
  • We assessed the best implementation process of training programs for Asana program


Through the implementation of the training program, the employees will be able to efficiently use Asana

Research Summary

  • There is a gap in the implementation of new technology and employees efficiently using software
  • Seeking training programs to properly train employees to use technology efficiently



20 participants from specified BW location


  • One-group pretest-posttest design
  • Quasi-experimental
  • No control group

Materials / Measures

  • 6-item questionnaire - competency of intervention material taught - given as pretest and at the conclusion of each day of intervention
  • 5 point Likert scale - very incompetent to very competent
  • IV = intervention/softwaretraining
  • DV = competency of employee participants


  • 2 hours x 3 days
  • Asana software: teams, goals/tasks, encouragement/reminder


  • One Way ANOVA
  • Training had a significant effect on employee knowledge of the software program
  • Employees reported feelings of competency
  • Each of the three days were equally effective in teaching employees how to use the software program



  • Only had access to one branch of the company, limiting us to 20 people
  • No random sampling, limited internal validity
  • Limited amount of time

Practical Significance

  • The training program works!
  • This was a good test run for the company as a whole
  • Now the company can implement this setup and program with the rest of the employees

Future Research

It would be interesting to know how this model could be used in other companies or settings

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Amanda Bazigian

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