Making Porridge For Goldilocks and the three bears

First you add the oats and then the water. Johanna carefully pours in the water.
Then we add more oats, Alexandra carefully pours the oats into the pan.
Then Claire adds more water. Claire has good control of the water jug as she pours it first into the cup to measure it before adding it to the pan.
Then Katharina adds milk, pouring it carefully into the pan.
Baptiste adds another cup of milk to the pan, again measuring it first before adding it.
Leonie mashes up the banana which we will add at the end to sweeten our porridge.
Katharina stirs the porridge while it cooks.
Claire continues stirring
Baptiste has a turn to stir too
And Johanna works carefully to continue stirring the porridge
Leonie has a turn too using all her strength to stir the porridge.
And Alexandra "it's getting thick now"
Romeo takes care to continue to stir the porridge.
Alexandra adds the banana
Now it's time to taste.
Everyone tries the porridge and there is lots of discussion about Goldilocks and the three bears. Romeo exclaims "I'm the Papa Bear" "Someone's been eating my porridge".
Leonie enjoys the porridge right to The End.

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