Success and Failures Jason Bilodeaux, delaney walnofer, jessica van schijndel

Max and Dee Bernt; Creative Commons;; Keywords: long exposure, water, river, outdoor, landscape, creek, waterfall

Good Exposure (see above). You can see everything clearly. There isn't anything too bright or too dark about it. A long exposure was used to create the effect for the water. It gives it a softness.

Ghost of Electricity; Creative Commons;; Keywords: portra 160nc, kodak harz schnee, snow, outdoor, landscape, shore

Bad Exposure (see above) : There is a stripe of dis-coloration on the edges of the frame. There is a stripe down the center of the frame also.

Aftab Uzzaman; Creative Commons;; Keywords: N/A

Good Composition (see above): Though there is a lot of movement in this photo (especially in the ripples), it does not distract from the focal point. There isn't too much going on in the photo. The viewer can tell immediately that the duck's head is the focal point, pointed out by the line direction of the largest leaf and framed by the duck's body as well as the ripples.

Bogdan Migulski; Creative Commons;; Keywords: people, indoor

Bad Composition (see above): The positioning of everything in the frame does not provide a focal point for the viewer. Only, the eye is drawn to where the chain unfortunately runs down the middle of the right woman's face.

Barbara Krowcowicz; Creative Commons;; Keywords: birch tree, nature, DoF, differential focus, depth of field, bokeh trunk canon rebel t1i canon 500d canon efs 55-250mm Alien Skin Exposure 5, outdoor, texture, serene

Good Depth of Field (see above): One part of the photo is clearly in focus. The foreground and background are both blurred. The viewer knows exactly what to look at.

Nayuki; Creative Commons;; Keywords: Christmas tree lights, bokeh lights, colorful, depth of field, bright, pastel, texture, macro abstract

Bad Depth of Field (see above): Everything is blurred; there is nothing in focus. This looks like a background with nothing in the foreground to draw the eye.

Natan Vance; Creative Commons;; Keywords: lake, nature, tree, moody, outdoor

Good Color/Mood (see above): All the greys and blues come together to form a dreary feeling for the image. The cool tones make it cold and bleak.

Paul; Creative Commons;; Keywords: sad cat, blackandwhite, monochrome, photo border

Bad Color/Mood (see above): The expression of the cat is sad, but the colors of the photo are bright and cheery, giving it a pleasant, happier feel to it aside from the cat's face.

Kvsankar; Creative Commons;; Keywords: eiffel tower, night, paris, tower, architecture

Good Orientation (see above): The position of the camera and the angle it provides on the Eiffel Tower makes for an interesting photo. This is arguably more interesting to look at than an image of the Eiffel Tower straight on.

Jeff Kochuk; Creative Commons;; Keywords: orientation, Villadossola, indoor

Bad Orientation (see above): The tilt of the frame does not add to photo in any beneficial way. It simply looks like poor work of the photographer and a lack of mindfulness as they took this photo. Not to mention -- is that part of the photographer's finger blocking the lens?

Credits: Creative Commons

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