Train Ride By: Darsh

When we got to the election, we got lost in the busy crowd. When we got to the stage, we met the 2 candidates. They were Donald Trump and Tom Charge. "let's begin with a speech from each of the candidates. Donald Trump, how will you improve our country?" said the announcer. "I will make America great again." "So inspiring. Let's go to Tom Charge. How will you improve America?" "America needs better laws to keep us safe. If i was president, i will improve the laws and reduce taxes." "Even more inspiring." Suddenly someone started to shoot the crowd with snipers. "EVERYONE, EVACUATE!" We all started to run for the train and got on. But just before the doors closed, the gun men got on the train. Everyone was all over the place. I was running with mom when all of a sudden, I got trampled. I was screaming for help when the gun men grabbed me by the shirt. Luckily, I had really strong kicks. I was able to break free from their grip. I ran, trying to find mom. Then, I saw my mom being surrounded by the gun men. I ran and shoved them out of the way, grabbed my mom's hand, and ran. This was becoming a deadly train ride. We had to get out of here. But how? I had the craziest thought. "what if we jumped of the roof of the train?" It was the only way to get out without hurting the other passengers. I grabbed my mom's hand, and ran for the roof exit. When we got to the roof exit, mom boosted me up to the roof exit and I opened it. When i got out, I reached for mom's hand and pulled her up. The gun men tried to get up but I slammed the exit shut before they could get up. I think I might have hurt their fingers. I looked down at the moving grass. I took mom's hand "here goes nothing" I muttered. I ran with mom and jumped and we landed on the grass without breaking any bones. We were safe! I told mom that we should probably start heading back to town. We walked for days. When we got to town, we went straight to the police station and reported what happened. The police said that they would try to find the people that survived. Then we walked home. When we got home, I ran up to my room. It felt good to sleep in my own bed again. Then I went downstairs and got some left over pizza for dinner. It felt good to eat good food. When I went to bed, I thought about the train ride and how we survived. I fell asleep, dreaming about my next adventure.

Created By
Darsh Shah


Created with images by Didgeman - "train railway s bahn"

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