Hunt of the Jabberwock By: Brynn M.

The sun shone bright, and the birds sang their joyus songs as Alena drifted through the glorious, green forest. Violet lilacs swayed in the warm, summer breeze. A momerath scattered out across her path, it’s little, furry paws stretched out above its head as it playfully chased a beautiful, red and blue butterfly, oblivious to the world around it.

With no warning, a thunderous “crack!” echoed through the forest, spewing shockwaves of dark energy through the ground, forcing Alena to her knees. Tentatively, she reached towards the small, furry, deformed figure of the previously childish momerath, now a mere heap of smoldering flesh and bone. A cry escaped her, and sorrowful tears welled in her eyes. Her sadness spiked into anger and she jumped up, furiously glaring around her, searching for whomever could have done such a loathsome thing to such an innocent, joyful creature. The woods suddenly became ominous and forlorn. All the animals became silent, all the insects hidden, quivering in fear. The forest became utterly still, and the once beautiful, joyful, welcoming land, transformed into the dark, sinister place only fathomed in nightmares. With no warning, the silence was pierced by an earsplitting shriek that forced Alena back to her knees in anguish. Another cry escaped her, but this time in pain, not empathy.

The ground shook, and branches snapped as a hideous creature made its way towards her. With eyes of flame, and feathers the color of the darkest night, it could only be called one name; Jabberwock. The fearsome beast strut slowly towards Alena, every footfall sending spikes of darkness through the ground.

“Fear me, lame mortal! For I am the horrendous Jabberwock!” The Jabberwock’s deep, sinister voice echoed throughout the forest. “You shall cower before me, and I will bear you to the Red Queen!”

The song that Alena’s mother used to always sing to her and her little brother started running through her head. “Beware the jabberwock! My son, the jaws that bite! The claws that catch!”

Suddenly the Vorpal sword appeared in Alena's hand, vibrating against her skin.

“Use me.” The sword whispered in her mind. “Wield me against the horrendous Jabberwock! Slay the beast!”

“Slay it?” Alena whimpered. How could she slay something so powerful, so sinister? How could she gain enough strength?

“Use me!” The sword hissed in her mind again. “I have strength, use me!” The last words were so forcefully projected in Alena’s mind that she stumbled backwards. Suddenly the sword in her hand seemed almost as sinister as the Jabberwock.

“No.” She whispered. “No!” She tried to throw the sword away but it was latched on to her hand.

The Jabberwock recovered from its initial shock of seeing the vorpal sword, its sworn enemy. Once witnessing the struggle between the girl and sword, he let out a deep, rumbling laugh, filled with malice. “Mwahahaha! Even with the vorpal sword in your hand, you cannot stop me! I shall take you to the Red Queen, where you will serve for the rest of your years!”

Alena froze in terror at the Jabberwock’s voice. She had been so distracted by the vorpal sword, that she had almost forgotten that the Jabberwock was still there. Sensing her momentary affliction, the sword took control, lunging at the Jabberwock. Alena managed to get her footing, but instead of stopping, she ran with the vorpal sword, charging at the Jabberwock’s heart. In her mind, Alena accepted the vorpal sword. They joined together to defeat the Jabberwock.

ust as the sword pierced the Jabberwock’s heart, Alena was hit with dizziness and found herself spiraling upwards through a blanket of white.

“Calu calu calay oh frabjous day caloo calay! Oh frab-jous day! Calocalay!” Mary, Alena’s mother finished singing just as Alena woke.

“Sing it again! Sing it again!” Peter, her little brother cheered.

It was just a dream. Though her heart was still beating, Alena felt relief wash over her. She settled back down under her wonderfully soft, safe, covers, and listened to Peter and her mother playfully argue about singing the song again. When she finally drifted off to sleep once more, it was peaceful, and without a single wisp of the Jabberwocky.

Under her bed, in a box wrapped with chains, the Vorpal sword started to vibrate. The Frabjous Day was almost here. Soon, the vorpal sword would break free, and slay its sworn enemy; the horrendous Jabberwock.

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