eSports and Liberty University The growing popularity of ESports

Above are popular ESport games that host tournaments world wide. Each with it's own fans, teams and players like many other sports.

Top Left- Halo, Top Right- Super Smash Bros., Bottom Left- Dota 2, Bottom Right- Overwatch.

DOTA International 2012: Benroya Hall, Seattle Washington. Grand Prize: $1,000,000. (Capacity: 2,500)

ESports first recognized tournament was in 2012, the DOTA International. Teams were sponsored by software companies such as Microsoft and NVIDIA.

As ESport's popularity grows, more and more schools start to consider it a sport. Some colleges and universities have even started to host tournaments.

DOTA International 2016: KeyAreana, Seattle Washington. Grand Prize: $9,139,002. (Capacity: 17,500)

Roughly 25,000 people attended the DOTA 2 International. Sponsors such as Coke, Nissan and Red Bull hosted and funded the tournament while owners such as Ashton Kutcher, Magic Johnson and Snoop Dog invested in teams to compete.

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