Should We Have Zoos by sebastian p.

What if a gorilla escaped and climbed the Empire State Building? What if a penguin escaped and started slapping everybody with a fish? It would be awful but hilarious at the same time. But that’s probably what would happen if we keep on having zoos.

Animals need space to roam free. Even though they have bigger enclosures it’s still a lot smaller compared to their natural homes. The animals might not like to have such small enclosures so they could get mad and escape the zoo and people could get hurt. That’s why they should have bigger enclosures.

It also makes things harder for researchers as well. In zoos, they might not act the same as they do in the wild. They might start jumping around more than they do in the wild. Researchers might have inaccurate info because zoos keep taking animals.

Zoos also take animals out of there natural habitat. Sometimes they get separated from their family. Sometimes their family gets killed in the process. The animals sometimes attack when they’re getting put in their enclosures.

OK so here's a little review of what you’ve read. First we read that if a penguin escaped it would slap people with a fish. Then we read that animals need bigger enclosures. After that we read that it would harder for researchers. And finally we read that animals get taken from their natural habitat.


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