India Your comparative advantage

India is located in Asia

Call centers are a very important part of India. A call center is where calls are handled by a ORGANIZATION for ASSISTANCE with a product.

Call center


The population of India is 1.252 billion people making it the second biggest population in the world. The growth rate of India is 1.19 %. People live in city areas becausd it is closer to jobs and resources.

Children and schools

3.8 percent of the population in India has a GDP. 81.1 of people in India get a education. But, most children in India do not know how to read English very well. The total child population of India is 440 million. They have the largest population of children in the world.

Help wanted

There is a job offering at commons call center in Mumbai India. At the call center you will take calls from people around the world with help for there technology. You will need speech training to communicate better with English speakers. You will also need to know how to fluently speak English. You will needed have education in technology. If you take this job you will be paid 2 dollars an hour. Please consider taking this job!

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