How to Dissasemble and re-assemble Brakes By: amanda wasieLewski 2017

The first step in disassembling brakes, is to take your tire off. By doing this you will need a 3/4" socket and air impact, jack or hoist and some place to keep the five lug nuts off your tire.

Once you have removed the tire from your car, you will see that your brake assembly should look like this, before and after you assemble, and when your done disassembling your brakes.

Next your going to need a 3/8" Alan wrench to unscrew the two bolts from the caliper, so you can remove the caliper and brake pad assembly from the rotor.

Once the caliper and brake pad assembly is removed from the rotor, the piece that you have taken off should look like this.

Next, once your caliper and brake pads are off the rotor, you then should be able to take the rotor off from the five studs on your car. The rotor should not be worn, warped, cracked or broken.

Once everything is disassembled it should look like this where nothing is attached to each other anymore.

Next you also need to remove the two brake pads from the inside of your caliper. Before putting them back in, you may need to use a C-clamp to push the caliper back in to make it easier to get it out back onto the rotor.

When you remove the brake pads from the caliper, they should look like this, not cracked, not worn all the way down either.

Finally for the reassembly of the brakes, take the two brake pads and put them back into the caliper. Then take a C-clamp and compress the caliper in some so it's easier to put back onto your rotor. Next, after your caliper is compressed, out it back onto your rotor with the ends in the right spots, so they fit along the grooves and sit right. Then, take the two bolts and put them back into their slots. Using the 3/8" Alan wrench tighten the two bolts up tightly back into the caliper. Finally, take the tire put it back into the studs and tighten the five lug nuts back onto it.

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