French & Haitian Revolution By: Madeline, Caleb, and Garrett


  • The french spent more money than they had because of various wars & funding the american revolution. There was a government meeting called of the Estates-General to discuss this issues. All the taxes were burdening the Third Estate which consisted of peasants, workers and commoners which obviously cant handle that.
  • King Louis XVI wasn't raised by to be a king because his father was to busy partying/drinking etc. so Louis did not have a good example on how to properly run a country.
  • The Third Estate which consisted of 97% of the population was outraged about the unfair taxation and only had one representative to fight for the change in the distribution of taxes.
  • Question: Were symptoms that occurred truly issues that needed to be addressed? Why? Yes these issues needed to be addressed because it was leading to the economic collapse of a large country and nationwide tension.


  • None really because the slaves didn't have rights or any money/property
  • They themselves didnt have weak/ineffective leadership but their owners did. The escaped slaves (maroons) were able to get away with escaping and killing owners because of the weak control their owners had on them. They were able to assemble and kill their owners to begin their fight for independence.
  • The maroons were angry and revolting because, like the french, they believed they had basic human rights and freedoms and shouldn't be bound to strictly being mistreated slaves.
  • Question: Were symptoms that occurred truly issues that needed to be addressed? Why? - Yes these symptoms were real issues because slavery took away any freedoms that humans are supposed to have at birth & made living terrible for many people.


  • During the Estates General Meeting, the Third Estate became enraged due to the outcome of the vote to have the nobility pay taxes. They ended up leaving and forming a new group called the National Assembly where they declared independence from France.
  • The fall of the Bastille is where the French revolution got crazy. People broke into the prison, tore it to the ground brick by brick, and took the political prisoners and arms from the prison.
  • The march of Versailles was done by mostly women, angry at Marie-Antoinette. Many others joined their cause, eventually taking Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI to Paris to be tried in court.
  • For the time of the actual Revolution, the National Assembly became the acting government until something more stable could be put into place.
  • Question? - What was the tipping point for the French revolution that caused action to be taken? The outcome of the Estates General Meeting really set everything else into motion, because the Third Estate was already infuriated that they had so many taxes to pay and that the nobility didn’t have to pay taxes. They wanted the nobility to have to start paying taxes, but when the vote didn’t make them have to the Third Estate officially left France and revolted.


  • French National Assembly granted African-American slaves full rights, but the white colonists didn’t implement these newfound rights, causing lots of anger from these slaves to rise to the breaking point.
  • The slaves rose up and revolted against their masters and freed themselves, led by Toussaint L’Ouverture. Slave forces took the capital city of Haiti.
  • N/A
  • New government established under the leadership of Dessalines after the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the first black republic.
  • Question? - What was the tipping point for the Haitian Revolution and caused action to be taken? The white slave owners not implementing the new full rights to the black slaves really set them off, causing a massive backlash and revolution by the slaves and the Haitian revolution as a whole.


  • There was no new government put in place that collapsed
  • Many people, especially high ranking officials were sent to guillotine to have their heads severed.
  • The committee of public safety led by Robespierre killed any opposition that stood against them.
  • After all the killing led by Robespierre, he then had has his head cut off and the revolution lost its momentum allowing the moderates to regain control.
  • Question? -What types of terror acts were committed during the french revolution? Robespierre and the french revolutionaries got radical with their use of the Guillotine, killing around 16000 people.


  • the old govt stayed
  • the govt didnt collapse
  • they were fighting france rather than their own government
  • no revolution to lose steam
  • Question? - What types of terror acts were committed during the french revolution?why? There were no real terror acts toward the Haitian government because they were focused on getting freedom from france.

FRENCH REVOLUTION: convalescence

  • With the beheading of Robespierre, the French people began to look for more stability as the terror began to end.
  • As the terror began to recede a period of relative peace arose called the Thermidorian Reaction. A government ruled by the wealthy came in power called the Directory. With this government human began to be instituted such as the prohibition of primogeniture.
  • As nationalism grew Napoleon rose in popularity and was chosen as a leader.
  • Question? - How did the convalescence stage eventually address issues that appeared in the symptom stage? As people searched for reasons and the desire of the third estate to become recognized the revolution brought need for change. With Napoleon in charge some problems of the lower class were addressed, but soon after Napoleon was shunned another monarch came to power and the revolt ended up having no political effect.


  • After the rebellion with maroons, the Haitians sought out an independent government from the French
  • After the revolution, the land was split between former slaves and freed blacks. There was a constitution made and a government started to form.
  • L’Ouverture nominated himself as governor for life and was the leader of the independent Haiti until he was killed by the French.
  • Question? - How did the convalescence stage eventually address issues that appeared in the symptom stage? The main problem the Haitians had was there lack of freedom and with L’Ouverture as the leader all were equal, so the main problem was solved.

The Haitian Revolution did not follow the revolution model & was not revolutionary because the slaves revolted from France and still had one government the whole time.

The French Revolution did follow the revolution model & was revolutionary because it sparked other revolutions and had a solid purpose. It was incredibly intricate as well and had lots of outcomes

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