WHO IS evOke?

Alden Groves, better known by his stage name, Evoke (commonly stylized evOke) is a singer, songwriter and producer based outside of Boulder, Colorado.

After entering the local EDM scene in his early teens, Alden started writing songs and performing at unlicensed events before moving on to production, releasing music under a dozen different monikers until 2014.

The party sensibility of the EDM scene eventually took its toll as Alden began dealing with drug abuse, bipolar depression and anxiety that worsened as his local notoriety grew.

After several management and label opportunities fell through, Alden’s frustration finally led him to revamp his life. Leaving behind his connections and the fan base he’d been building meant starting over, which is exactly what Alden was hoping for.

After hitting pause on his music to enter treatment for heroin addiction, Alden found himself homeless and living out of his car. With the party scene now out of bounds, he found himself with a huge amount of time on his hands.

Studying music theory, memorizing software manuals and obsessing over the intricacies of pop songwriting took the place of all night drug and dance binges.

The evOke project began during this time in 2015, when Groves began to seriously explore the potential of electronic music connecting with a mainstream audience. Drawing on his long list of bizarre life experiences, Alden began incorporating different styles and ideas into his songwriting.

Rap, R&B, indie rock and pop all found their way into the evOke sound as new colors and textures were needed to tell increasingly complex and personal stories.

The album FOOL // savior began to take shape as Alden found a common theme coming up in his songwriting. How do we stay together as people while the modern world continues to fall apart? More than a collection of songs, FOOL // savior traverses a multitude of different styles and ideas to explore that central question.


Please contact ZYON MGMT for an album preview.

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