Canbury School Newsletter 11th May 2018. issue 125

Dear Parents and Visitors

As I write this week's newsletter, I can see out of my office window the LAMDA students spread throughout the playground rehearsing their individual pieces. Outside my office, I can hear Mr Spillard delivering his karate class and I know there are several Year 11s still in school taking advantage of the extra revision clinics with subject staff. It gives me such pleasure seeing our students embracing all the opportunities available to them at Canbury. However the best aspect of this moment for me is listening to their laughter - sheer joy.

I often say here at Canbury we have extraordinary students doing extraordinary things, and yet another example of those words in action is illustrated beautifully by Cate in Year 9. Having decided to have her long hair cut rather shorter, she decided to donate her glossy tresses to a charity which makes wigs for children and young people.

Chopped off, and the remaining hair coloured - all change for Cate!

"When I decided I wanted to cut my hair, I immediately knew I wanted to donate it. I don’t need it anymore, but there’s a lot of children and young adults who might. Many people lose their hair when they have cancer treatment or from certain illnesses or diseases, and for a child this must be so hard to go through," said Cate.

On Wednesday our Walking Club finally took place. Mrs Branney and I, joined by Shaaiyon, Emily, Alannah, Ain, Ottilie, Ellie and Jack walked to the absolutely beautiful Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. Mrs Branney charged ahead and we got there in seven minutes - you can tell she does DoFE! Once there, it really was an awe and wonder moment as we walked through the azaleas. We did stop on a bench to enjoy Alannah's birthday muffins which she brought for us to enjoy.

What a beautiful way to while away a Wednesday lunchtime

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


What Canbury means to me

It's been about making friends in life and trying new things. Canbury helps me concentrate and even if I get cross sometimes, I have learned how to calm down and to stay calm. I love to have help from my LSAs. They are there by my side all the time.

Caitlin. Year 10.

Students of the week

Year 7

Ottilie for her speedy, high quality work in English.

All Year 7 historians for a brilliant lesson on the Black Death!

Harry for his detailed drawing in graphics.

True for his "incredibly" detailed Thor drawing. Says Mrs Rich: "what a good choice to use the step by step guide".

Year 8

Some fantastic work in Drama this morning especially Oskar H showcasing his directorial skills.

Year 9

AMAZING drawings from Drew this week in both Art and Graphics. What a talented young lady.

Year 10

Ijaaz and Dean for coming up with their own business ideas in Business Studies.

Eugenia, Caitlin and Luca for getting stuck in with the drawing and photography tasks while out on the visit to Brighton for Art.

Miss Hanson, Mrs Ryabinova and Caitlin get stuck into lunch in Brighton.

Year 11

All year 11 artists who worked to the best of their abilities in the 10 hour exam this week.

Sixth Form


We are now in the last eight weeks of the school year but that does not mean we are not going to be busy...quite the opposite!

We have weeks filled with exams, work experience, trips, summer parties, celebrations, sports events and many more occasions.

We have now almost finished our first year of BTECs for Child Development and Travel & Tourism. It’s been eight months of course work, case studies, exams and new experiences for us both as we’ve undertaken these courses. For our latest assignment in child development Oscar and I became journalists as we wrote newspaper articles about how to empower children.

We have our summer exams starting in just ten days and we also have a week of work experience to look forward to at the end of June. This should help us to solidify and reinforce what we’ve been learning throughout the school year.

Next week we are going to be finalising our coursework to then get ahead and start our Upper Sixth course for our BTECs.

Our weekly work experience at Park Hill is almost at its end but we are enjoying our last few sessions as much as we can.

Mathematics and English are going well with our exams for those at the start of June.

As always we will keep you updated.

Oscar and Margaux, your Canbury Sixth Formers.

Travel & Tourism

Most of the students have worked hard on revision this week. Good luck for the BTEC test on Monday.

Religious Studies

A visitor could have been forgiven for thinking Canbury had slipped back to the Victorian days today, had they caught sight of Ms Clancy throwing a bin full of rubbish at her Year 7 students in the playground.

But never fear. In a bid to create memorable teaching environments, the Headmistress decided to teach the topic "What makes you, you?" outside of the box.

Whatever next? Mrs Clancy gives Year 7 a lesson to remember.

The task in hand then, was to look at five different religions and view points that helped identify each one.

Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Humanist and Materialist - all were studied by comparing and contrasting their similarities and differences.

Mrs Clancy explains: "Students had to catch information in the playground after I threw a bucket at them with all the religion descriptions and then we investigated them together.

We had a great lesson and thanks to Ain and Matthew for helping to prepare the lesson resources."


Good luck to Year 11 students with their Biology and Chemistry GCSE examinations next week. Remember to keep checking the Google Classrooms for revision resources.

House News

Gold 100 HP



Duke of Edinburgh Award

Miss Peters writes: Silver and bronze groups started their planning this week. They found out where they will start their final expedition, where they will camp and where they will finish. Groups were shown six-figure grid references and had to locate them on a map. They then planned a suitable walking route using public rights of way where possible.

Special mention must go to Victor and Emily for working so well as a team on the bronze route. They planned a 12km route, drew it on the map and marked their checkpoints at suitable spots along the way! WELL DONE! The rest of the team is not far behind with their planning. They have the route drawn on the map and now need to get the checkpoints marked in when they come next week. Caitlin helped to locate the start, campsite and finish and then worked on her project producing a SUPER amount of work in the time she had! AMAZING job! Your book will look GREAT when it is completed.

Some of this year's 2018 DofE adventurers.

Silver have made a good start. Despite being a team member down they managed well and Dean has begun plotting their route onto an EDofE map which will help with the final route card. AWESOME work from Harry who, ably assisted by Lottie marked day one and day two on the map with planned checkpoints. WHAT A TEAM!

Thursday training sessions will see the finalisation of routes, written plans, computer mapping, food planning and project work choices ready for their journey in June. They have a lot to do and if they continue to work well as a team they will have no trouble getting it done!

Other notices

Good luck to Caitlin who is off to Kosovo next Friday to swim for the USA. More than 80 participants from America, Great Britain, Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Estonia, Macedonia and Albania will be part of the 1st Open International Swimming Championship Kosovo 2018. Go go go Caitlin - we'll all be rooting for you!

Meet the member of staff.......

Firstly, a huge apology to Canbury Bursar Mrs Anindita-Beckman who featured in last week's slot. Mrs Bate not only misspelled her name (changing it to Beckham - we all know who she was thinking about!), but she also said Mrs Anindita-Beckman was from the Philippines, when in fact she is from Indonesia. Thank you Mrs Anindita-Beckman for being so chilled about it.

This week we shine a spotlight on Mrs Burke, Canbury's Literacy and Dyslexia teacher.

Mrs Burke: a mauve dancing kangaroo......

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you

I enjoy singing, and I love dancing (especially Ceroc, Ballroom, and Latin American). I went to lessons for years, but sadly I didn’t get the call from Strictly Come Dancing. Their loss.

Best piece of music?

Handel’s Messiah – powerful, passionate and evocative.

What would you tell your 12 year old self if you met her coming towards you?

Don’t worry about too many things. Try to be "in the moment" a bit more often, and chill.

Favourite way to unwind?

Walking, a nice stroll by water or where there are trees.

What has been your best job?

Working in Marks and Spencer when I was at university. I was in the men’s trousers department and I never knew what customers were going to ask me to do next! And my other best job was being headteacher of a secondary school for 12 years, because I love being around young people and seeing them grow and flourish.

Give us a top time saving tip

Use your time twice – listen to a podcast while you’re walking. So for example you learn something new whilst on the move and you get your steps up. (But do pay attention to the traffic...)

If you were an animal – what animal would you be?

I'd be a kangaroo. I'd be attractive and active and I wouldn't need to carry a handbag.

And your favourite colour is?

Sorry, I have two: purple and mauve. This mixture of colours is beautiful and subtle

What’s your idea of a weekend treat?

In a hotel, good food, comfortable bed, country view, decent walks and a good book.

So what is your idea of a good read Mrs Burke?

Not so much fiction, I prefer factual books. Give me a book on History or Theology and I'm happy as I can be.

What one thing would you change for Canbury students?

The pressure which comes from social media. That pressure appears relentless. Relish today and being in the moment, easier said than done, I know.

Paint us your dream holiday

I am off to a “Sing your socks off” week in Cumbria in October where a group of us will sing our winter woolly socks off. This will be a first for me, but I'm hoping will be a dream one.

Any disasterous holidays?

Luckily I’ve never had one. Having to lie on a beach in the sun without a book would be just awful.

What one thing could you not live without?





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