Chapter 4 Amanda Jones


This photo represents time because I had to add every single paint line so to it would look really cool and not too much.
This is a photo of my cousin Becca. The photo represents time because I had to take the shot at the perfect time.
I think this photo represents time because it took a lot of time to edit this daytime photo into a nighttime scene.
I also think this one is considered time because I turned a clear night into a black and white raining night.


For this photo I brighten the grass and made the whole image overall to make it very clear
I cropped out the noise from the bottom of the rock so that we could focus more on the waves and and the shack and palm trees.
I cropped out the white viewing bar and wanted to make people focus on how green the mountains are.
I got rid of the lamp post so that it wasn't the focus part, I wanted the focus to be on the clouds


The original is the one on the very top. I decided to choose cats because their are so many different types their names are Tiger, Charlie, and Oscar, and Bailey.


I decided to put these photos for thematic because they represent happiness. If I am ever feeling down I go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. These pictures were all from my trip to Hawaii back in December.
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