The time line of DNA By max meyer Period 2

In 1865 Gregor Mendel showed that the characteristics of pea plants are passed along in a predictable way. He began the study of genetics. He studied how the pea plants can be made tall and short by selection.
In 1903 Walter Sutton shows that the cells carry the units of inheritance. The carefully sorted molecules are passed along for transferring into the other cell.
In 1911 Thomas Hunt Morgan discovered that genes are arranged in linear fashion on the chromosomes of the fruit fly. During an experiment within fruit flys we were able to grow legs out of its head where the antenna's where supposed to be.
In 1928 Frederick Griffith discovered that bacteria contain a molecule that can transfer genetic information so they can transfer information from cell to cell.
In 1944 Oswald Avery , Collin Macleod, and Jaclyn McCarty show that the substance that Griffith discovered was DNA, the building blue prints for life.
In 1950 Erwin chargaff analyzed the base composition of DNA. He discovered that the amounts of adenine and thymine are the same. Then he found out that was true for guanine and cytosine to
In 1952 Alfred Hershey and Martha chase confirmed that the genetic material of viruses is DNA not proteins. Rosalind Franklin records the helix shape of DNA with a crystal x-ray photo.
In 1953 James Watson and Francis crick publish their model of DNA'S shape, the double helix. They said their work would not be possible without franklin's discovery.
In 2000 Craig ventor and Francis Collins announce the draft of the DNA sequence of the humans genome at the whitehouse ceremony. Then published the final version in 2003.
In 2015 Tomas lindahl, Paul modric, and Aziz sancar discovered how to repair the DNA errors. Without their research their would be a lot more cancer cases. "Cancer comes from DNA errors" claes gustafsson.


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