Fidel Castro addressed the Assembly on September, 26, 1960. Cuba can be viewed through a prism of world system theory, capitalism, and post-modernism. The country has experienced all of the effects of these theories and created its own pastiche of a global society.

"The world had not had many reasons to know that Cuba existed. For many, Cuba was something of an appendix of the United States. Even for many citizens of this country, Cuba was a colony of the United States" (Castro, 1960).

The social issues of Cuba are a vivid example of world system theories at work. Cuba has been a peripheral and semi-peripheral nation since the Spanish eliminated the native population and imported slaves to grow sugar cane.The core nations, Russia and the United States, have been deeply involved in the country for much of its existence.

"The United States and Cuba, although politically hostile to each other, did not contest each other's sovereignty, nor did any other country (Wallerstein, 1994). Castro did contest the US Military presence at Guantanomo Bay, as an invasion of Cuban sovereignty (Hayden, 2015).

Photo from February, 2017

"Eventually, according to Wallerstein, a world wide economic crisis will be reached and the capitalist world-system will collapse, opening the way for revolutionary change"(Elwell,2013).

The collapse of the capitalist world-system does seem possible, but it may not be as dire as Wallerstein makes it sound. The Cuba that has developed outside of the World System Theory is an example of Wallerstein's prediction. The global links that are possible because of the internet are a powerful, political, commercial, and environmental force that are contained within the concepts of freedom of information. The strict lines of demarcation in the old theories of colonialism have been crossed in many ways and a new process that embraces change and oscillation in all forms of culture will become more evident as time passes. Cubans are ready for such a change.

The United States and Cuba face an unstable world. although politically opposed in many ways; stability and cooperation will be beneficial to both countries and prevent instability in the region. Both countries have much to offer each other if allowed to develop a free and equal relationship.

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