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My name is Chloe, I love photography and horses. Last year in 8th grade I took beginning art but didn't progress very much. This is my first year taking art in highschool. In the future I want to go to college to take a course in photography and another one in therapy. I really like the class because tos a relaxed environment and you aren't rushed to get your projects done. I learned a lot about different techniques to use depending on the type of drawing your using.

The negative/positive space drawing is of my horse Zane. In this drawing the shape was kind of hard to make because it wasn't an everyday shape. The negative space didn't need as much detail because it was showing the difference between the positive space and the negative space.
This is my profile. It was also difficult to draw because of the several different values. This doesn't look exactly like me but I still feel it turned out well.
These are the practice ears. I had to use light and heavy pressure depending on the shadows and the light spots.
In my still life drawing I drew several different pieces. There were a lot of different shapes, values, and I tried to use the space to the best of my abilities.
This is the very first thing I drew in this art class. It didn't turn out all that welll but I still had a lot to learn.
This is my upside down drawing. I didn't get completely finished but for what I did do I felt confident in myself. There were a lot of different shapes in this to make up the drawing that it was
This is my blind drawing where I closed my eyes and drew the shells based off of my memory.
This is my one of my adjacent spaces drawing. It defininetly isn't identical but the line was harder to draw than I anticipated.
This is my other adjacent line project. It turned out better than the other one because my left hand is my dominant hand.
This is my scratch board art. I used a lot of cross hatching in this project because of all the different values
This is my stippling project. This project took a lot of time because of all the dots needed to create the different shapes values
This is my before hand that never got finished because I didn't feel confident in it
This is my after self portrait. I really liked how this turned out because I feel that it looks a lot like me. I don't think that I did my before portrait because I was working on the stippling project.
This is he elements of art. There were a lot of different styles I ''tis because I had to add a lot of colors, values, and I also had to add lines and shapes.
In my two point perspective drawing there were a lot of different sized shapes. I enjoyed making this because you get to decide o the size of your shape.

I found a lot of things about these projects hard but I really enjoyed all of them because it helped me expand my abilities i drawing and it helped me get more comfortable with drawing.

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