JaBudi by Nixon Trowbridge

We will take over the world , but we are nice people if you don't make us mad .

1 - We party all NIGHT long

2 - We take over planets during the day , we do that if they make us mad .

3 - Everyday is sunny besides Christmas day .

4 - We sometimes go surfing at night , plus we sometimes take over planets then .

5 - Everyone surfs in the surf compotiotion

6 - Everyone plays sports .

7 - Ben and I are leaders forever and we never die .

8 - Ben and I get treated like gods , the rest of the people are rich .

9 - Movies are free .

10 - No drugs or alcohol

We live on our own planet . Everybody is happy and it is always warm so everybody is gorgeously tan .

We have no government because that starts riots .

We don't let in others because they mess everything up . Plus we already rule the universe so there is no point .


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