The Book Thief Themes By Connor McGee

Theme 1: There Is no Fear Without Knowlage

Within the book there are many instances that provide proof of my Theme, one however that I feel relates my theme the best come from page (103) "They'll come for us," Mama warned her husband. "They'll come and take us away"

Now this quote comes from when the Hubermanns could not find their flag and were afraid of what would happen to them if they couldn't find it. Although this part is not touched upon very long in the book feel it conveys my theme in a way that i feel not many other points have due to the fact that the family was filled with fear due to the small know and insignificant knowledge of we need out flag pinned up or else we get taken away.

Theme 2: Society Over Greater Good

Society Over The Greater Good Not only in the book "The Book Thief" do we see signs of Society Over the Greater Good but this is also very prominent within the real worlds version of Nazi Germany and how the country of Germany almost entirely went with the way of genocide that Germany was going. A major instance that our class talked about this was within the start of the book when a character was not to be served in a store without saying "Heil Hitler"

At this point in the story we are being introduced to the idea of Nazi Germany and how the people are much more different from the people we as readers know. We get to see just how this change in society can change the peoples ways of thinking. The German society was able to create the idea of genocide to be a good thing

Theme 3: Freedom Creates Happiness

Within the story the Book Thief we see our character Max, Max is a Jewish boy hiding with Lesieil in her basement. We see many times the depression caused by his being in the basement, yet when we see his interactions with outside people such as his doing crosswords with leisel we get to see this small form of freedom how much happier he gets.

In real life we've seen many instances of peoples freedoms being taken away both within america and other countries. However after freedoms are given to all we see much more happiness from these people. An example can be from the liberation of the nazi work camps and concentration camps. Even the smallest forms of freedom given to those with none can cause happiness.

Summative Theme: There is no Fear without Knowlage

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