Nuns-n-Bolts FRC TEAM #6665


Team #6665 strives to give young women an opportunity to discover and explore the fields of STEM through the process of designing and building robots. We aim to inspire our members to pursue their passions in the elements of robotics and to develop problem solving skills that will be beneficial for their future endeavors.

2017 was our Rookie Year and we competed in the Sacramento Regional and Silicon Valley Regional. In our debut in Sacramento, we finished in 10th place in a field of 56 teams, earning the Highest Rookie Seed award. We made it to the quarterfinals, where we were the captains of their seventh-seed alliance. In the more competitive Silicon Valley Competition, we ranked 14th out of 60 teams and earned the Safety FIRST award on Day 1.

Most of the 2017 Team!

Our faculty advisor is Bobby McLaughlin and our mentor is Brandon Naylor.

“It’s been so great to work with the team and I’m really impressed by the girls’ motivation and dedication every day”. -Bobby McLaughlin

In action in a practice match with our alliance, team #2035, Carmel High School!
Climbing the rope!

Quotes from some members

"Being a member of the Robotics team this year has been a great experience. Initially, going into the season was daunting realizing the task at hand; building a robot. As the season progressed, I soon picked up on what to do and quickly loved it. Although the building period seemed long and tiring at times, nothing beat seeing your robot out on the playing field at the competition, and seeing your hard work become a reality. I am so glad that I got to experience FIRST Robotics and grow closer with my teammates." - Sophia D'Amelio '17

"My favorite part of robotics this year was building the robot. We all came together to brainstorm and develop our ideas. It was so fun to work with every one and be part of the building process." - Charlotte Gerzanics '18

"I really enjoyed not only bonding with our team, but also getting to know all the other teams in the area and out of it. The collaboration and friendliness of everyone we met was amazing. Everyone was willing to help out our rookie team. The importance of trust and friendship really impacted me; we were able to still have fun and lend a hand or two to others in high stress competitive times despite knowing that we would be opponents on the field. All in all, it was a crazy new experience that ended with us building not only a robot, but friendships." - Maddie Oh '18

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