Finland katelyn sullivan

In Finland they speak the language Finnish. The language Finnish comes from Sweden.
This is the Orthodox Church it is the main church in Finland. In Finland there main there main religion is Christian.
Theses are the northern lights. Finland is the top country in the world for seeing these light across the sky.
This is a KARJALANPIIRAKKA. Fish and meat are common additions to meals in some areas, and oats, berries, and milk are common ingredients in popular dishes. Karjalanpiirakka, pies made with rye flour, potatoes, rice, carrots, and sometimes egg butter spread.
Finland plays mostly winter type games like ice hockey, ski jumping and cross-country skiing. They also enjoy Formula One which is an athletic sport involving race cars. Finland first participated in the Olympic Games in 1908 and in 1912, and they are a powerhouse when it comes to the Olympics.
In Finland going out and dancing is a very popular way to spend time, meet people, enjoy music and take exercise. The foxtrot, The Finnish waltz, and The humppa are some of the many dances they like to perform.
In Finland Traditional women's clothing includes a skirt, blouse, vest, apron, scarf and headdress, which is usually a headband or a hat. Men's clothing are a shirt, waistcoat, coat, scarf and a headdress, along with long or knee-length trousers.
Many live in homes with their families that are around 100 square meters. You typically don't see homes more than 175 square meters. Of course, there are bigger and smaller homes, but they aren't the standard.
This is the President of Finland ''Sauli Niinistö.'' He is the 12th president of Finland.
Theses are some famous events that happened in Finland's history. Restaurant Day, A Finland invention allowing anyone to set up a restaurant for a day, 1987 The year Design For Finland who started promoting Finnish design.
+ Finnish Civil War (was the White Guard and German Empire against the Red Guard and Russian SFSR) + Winter War (Finland against the Soviet Union) + Continuation War (Finland and Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union) + Lapland War (Finland against Nazi Germany)

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