Chris' creed What i believe in

A creed is a prayer that states what you believe in

A line in the nicene creed that means the most to me is "for our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate.

This line means he was killed for the religion and for our sins.

It means to me that Jesus was thinking about all he had done and the future he could create, but he knew he was going to be crucified so he died in the name of our sins.

I believe in love, hope, a chance and luck, possibilities to create new things and 1 god for everlasting light.

My message to live my life by: I will follow the path Jesus created for us, I will accept, forgive and love all no matter what they do.

To be catholic means you are part of Gods family. To be at a catholic school means you are interested in being catholic and want to study it or just to live the way of the lord.

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