Mapping Zaria: One map at a time Zaria, nigeria

PROJECT OVERVIEW: One of the greatest challenges to creating sustainable cities is perhaps that of data. Many cities in Africa are faced with non-availability of data for many sustainable development indicators thus making it difficult to measure and evaluate. Zaria, like other African cities, is caught in this data drought dilemma. In some cases, local data is locked in government offices without ever making it to citizens who desperately need it. Imagine an open digital equivalent of our cities, and how cities could be governed and function effectively if data is available. Open data is changing how our cities respond to problems, through the creation of services that rely on citizen-generated data. This project is clearly aimed at mapping and creating city-level, open geospatial data through participatory mapping techniques and mobile data collection in Zaria city of Kaduna state, Nigeria. The project will utilize citizens as sensors to map, collect, and upload important features of the city using mobile apps and photo technology.

CATEGORY: Professional SETTING: UrbanĀ STATUS: Current project

BY: Yusuff Suleiman, UN SDSN Youth - Local Pathways Fellow, UrbanLab / Youthmapper

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: For this project, we are engaging the community and residence of the city in data gathering and the collection and mapping process. Our target population is tertiary institution students under the Youthmapper Network umbrella for the mapping aspect of the project. Local government and other stakeholders, non-governmental organizations, and professionals will be consulted and engaged in the initial design phase of the data collection to ensure no one is left behind.

PARTNERS: The Youthmapper network includes mappers who can contribute remotely to the project. Mapillary facilitates mobile photo collection and tools for photo mapping. Local government, other stakeholders, and businesses will contribute to the design phase of the project to plan initial data collection in terms of what is collected and uploaded.