Sutton Hoo By lucas walton

Yesterday, in Sutton Hoo, Edith pretty and her team of archaeologists dug up a mound that had always sat on her land. Under it, was an Anglo Saxon long boat and inside this was a dead body amongst lots of treasures.

As Mrs Pretty wants to keep all the treasures together, she took them to the British Museum rather than sell them to private collectors. Because she did that, she got offered a CBE from Winston Churchill but in the end she refused it stating that "I did not do anything good enough to deserve it".

This is a gold helmet found in the longboat made entirely out of gold. With such a high value, no collector would have been able to afford all the finds meaning it would have been split up without the generosity of Edith Pretty.

In the longboat burial site was gold money. These coins were made of precious gold and other metals unlike the coins that we use in the modern age of 1939. To be buried with so much money, suggests the warrior discovered here was a wealthy man once.

Above is an image of the land which was excavated by Basil Brown and his hard working team.

Treasure like no other!

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