Evidence for Evolution By: Jennifer R, Beverly V, Alyna A


The oldest layers of fossils are located at the bottom of the picture, you can tell because as the picture starts building up you can see that the oldest layers will be at the bottom. Scientists date/age fossils by a technique called Radioactive Dating. They determine how old the fossil is by Radioactive Dating, it is used to date materials such as rocks. Fossils are sometimes out of order because they just don’t have a good idea of the entire period of were a fossil belongs. "So if they find a fossil in a stratum that is supposed to be 100 million years older than the species, it simply means that it evolved 100 million years earlier than they thought. In other words, if an out-of-order fossil is found it is incorporated as new evidence to provide a better understanding of evolution....." Website used: http://creation.com/fossils-out-of-order


The Saber Tooth Tiger and the Mountain Lion both have sharp teeth, I think that the sharp teeth was used to bite into the prey so the prey will be completely dead before they eat it, and to eat all the meat the prey had. We can conclude that these animals have a history that both of their ancestors had sharp and long teeth in common. They might also be related because most of their body features are similar to one another. For example they both have long legs, small tails, the same shape of the head, and of course their long and sharp teeth. We think that they have an older ancestor because the Sabor Tooth Tiger became extinct around about 12,000 years ago.


Some similarities that the embryos have are the eyes, hands, feet, the shape of their head, and they are all crouched in the same form of a ball. Some differences that the embryos have are that each one of them are a different size, most of them are a different color, and they are all facing a different side. Two embryos that are closely related is the human and the dog, because they have the same body shape and their heads look kinda similar too. We think that they have a recent common ancestor because a dogs lifespan is about 10-13 years.

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