Culprit Summer Sports Camps Become an Athlete this Summer!

This camp is for all ages 7-15. This is the summer your child always wanted! Begins Monday, June 4th-August 3rd

Improve your child's athleticism this summer in Culprit's Summer Programs! Where else can you find professional coaches to invest in your child's development in a fun, high energy environment?



Healthy Lunch is Provided.

Certified Parisi Speed Coaches training your athlete to be faster, more coordinated.

Strength Coaches dedicated to improving your athlete's ability.

Gymnastic coaches, Cheer Coaches, Dance Instructors, Tricking, Parkour, Soccer, Football, and much more!

Every day will begin with a Parisi Speed Session. The camp will begin with the basics and progress through advanced Parisi Speed Techniques. Each week will have a specific focus: Cheer, Gymnastic, Dance, Soccer, Football, Tricking and Parkour, Speed and Strength, and more. The athletes will get opportunity to break, play games, relax and enjoy the gym as well as raise the level of intensity.

By the time your athlete leaves our summer camp, they will have experience in every Culprit program. Don't miss the opportunity to change your child's life through this experience!

Week One: Strength for Speed Camp This camp will focus on lifting basics, strength work, and speed training for all sports.

Week Two: Power Tumbling and Trampoline Trampoline Camp!? I think so! This is an emerging Olympic Sport that Culprit is proud to introduce. If your kid loves flipping, this will be the time of their life!

Week Three: Cheerleading This is for boys and girls. Cheer is COED at Culprit, and we train tumbling, stunt, and more! This is a perfect opportunity to get your sons and daughters introduced to cheer or get them to the next level.

Week Four: Dance This is for boys and girls. We are talking Hip Hop, Interpretive, Contemporary, Breaking, Ballet and more. Dance is high-impact at Culprit, just like you would expect from us!

Week Five: Soccer Skills, drills, live games, tournaments, footwork, and more. Culprit is going to give your athlete all the tools they need to succeed on their teams and individually.

Week Six: Tricking Tumbling, Freestyle, Martial Arts, Breaking and tons of creativity defines the sport of Tricking. No one else in the world is pioneering Tricking the way Culprit is... Get on our level!

Week Seven: Gymnastics/Parkour Bars, Beam, Vault, Floor... your child will feel like an Olympian by the time Culprit has gotten to them. Gymnastics is one of the most dynamic and high energy sports in the world. Make sure that your kids have the opportunity to learn safely and with the most effective gymnastic coaches in the area.

Since we don't have boys gymnastics, Culprit will be having the boys learn Parkour (The Art of Movement) throughout their camp time during week seven!

Week Eight: Culprit "Remix" All of our best programs from throughout the summer combined to bring your kid the finale to an awesome Culprit summer experience.

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