Oakfield News Issue 30 7th June 2019

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Co-curricular clubs reminder: The clubs will be live to book on Friday 14th until Friday 21st June. A letter will go in your child's bag on Wednesday 12th June with the list of options and the LAMDA application booking information.

From Mrs Thompson

"The wartime generation - my generation - is resilient," said Her Majesty the Queen this week during the D-Day commemorations that have taken place to mark the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings. I am sure that many of you, myself included, have been hugely moved and inspired by the images that we have seen in recent days; a notable one for me being the two veterans who parachuted in to re-create their airborne landing in 1944 at Pegasus Bridge. My own uncle would have been 100 on 6th June this week, and he arrived with his Merchant Navy ship in Normandy on D-Day plus 2, i.e. 8th June 1944. As a child I remember being enthralled by the story of the torpedo that blew a hole big enough to fit a London bus in the side of his ship - thankfully, and incredibly, with no casualties. There are so many stories to hear and remember, and I hope that our children will take away some sense this week of the importance of acknowledging and not forgetting these anniversaries, even as they pass inevitably from living memory.

Our children continue to display their customary resilience, good humour and 'can-do'attitude - the usual busy week has flown by yet again, and we look forward to welcoming Year 4 back from Hooke Court today and waving Year 6 off to Rockley on Monday for their residential trip. It has also been really wonderful to be serenaded by our musicians at the gate this week - thank you for a bright and happy to start to the day!

May I leave you with another quotation from this week's events in France - this time from King George VI, who said in 1944: "What is demanded from us is something more than courage and endurance. We need a revival of spirit, a new unconquerable resolve." Food for thought, indeed, for the next generation of resilient young people, whose ongoing development here at Oakfield is a pleasure to watch every day.

Lower Foundation

Eid in Lower Foundation

Thank you so much to Amaarah and her mummy for coming in to tell us all about Eid and how they celebrate it.

We listened to lovely stories and saw lovely visuals to help us really link all we had heard and understand one of the most celebrated Muslim festival. It was very informative and the visuals were great. Thank you for the dates; did you know it is recommended for Muslims to break their fast with a date?

Eid Mubarak! That means “Happy Festival” in Arabic.
Upper Foundation

This week we have been talking about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This week we have been re-writing the story. In relation to our topic, we have been looking at various environments – valleys, mountains and grassy fields. We have also been designing bridges and relating this to Maths by problem-solving to see how to make the strongest bridge.

We have celebrated Eid in class and had a look at the different ways in which this wonderful festival is celebrated. Eid Mubarak!

Next week we will focus on The Gingerbread Man and look forward to writing recipes and decorating biscuits. If there are any wonderful bakers out there who would love to make enough gingerbread men for the children, we would be more than grateful.

Please ensure that your child has a sun cap, sun cream and a rain coat in their rucksack at all times. In Early Years, it is important that children go out in all weather and they need the correct uniform and equipment to support this.

With Sports Day fast approaching, we urge all parents to please ensure that they have read the letter regarding Sports Day and they have got the correct uniform ordered online. If you have any concerns regarding which house your child is in, please speak to Rachel in the office ASAP.

In preparation for the transition meetings next Monday, please ensure that you have compiled a list of questions ready for the existing Year One teachers.

Year 1

Using the iPads in Year 1

This week we have been using iPads. Year 1 have really enjoyed learning how to type and create pictures using this new tool. They came up with some super ideas to create and share with their peers. 1AW were very confident at using the 'smiley faces' too!

Living in London

A big thank you to 1AR for their assembly this morning on Living in London. They told us about lots of tips on how we can help save our environment in London, as well as why they all love London so much!

Year 5

Quiet Time in Year 5

Year 5 boys enjoying some quiet reading time?!

Spanish Day

Spanish Day

In preparation for Spanish Day, we would like the children to wear something linked to a Spanish speaking artist. Please find below the artist allocated to your year group:

Nursery and LF Joan Miró

UF & Year 1 Pablo Picasso

Year 2 Antoni Gaudi

Year 3 Salvador Dali

Year 4 Frida Kahlo

Year 5 Sergio Bustamante

Year 6 Francisco de Goya

There is no obligation to dress up as the artist allocated to your year group. Children can also dress up as any artist. It would be lovely to see as many children as possible embrace the theme and spirit of the day.

We are sure that the day will be full of fun and excitement!

Patricia Diaz, Head of MFL, Lisa Fidler Head of Art


Before setting off for Hooke Court, 4JM were busy on Monday translating their Bridget Riley inspired designs onto clay coil pots. There was much concentration in the art studio as the class considered not only the complimentary colours they would use, but also the extreme focus on fine motor skills to enable them to accurately replicate the designs.

4AW will be completing their work when they get back, just in time for Father's Day.

'The Big Bling Frame'

Lucas and William have been exploring the art work of Julie Mehretu, the Year 5 assigned artist for this term.

Joshua has worked in plaster to create the world's first ever, 'Ice Cream Cupcake'.

Thank you for your contributions, boys.


ISA Regional Athletics Finals

On Tuesday, our team of 40 athletes who traveled to Norman Park, Bromley to take part in the ISA Regional Athletics Finals.

Everyone did extremely well and lots of medals were won!

A special mention to our 16 medal winners:

Gold (Going to the Nationals in Birmingham!)

Lara - 150m Sprint

Paul, Malakhi, Feyin and Rami - Year 6 Boys' Relay Team

Finley - Long Jump


Freya - 80m Sprint

Maggie - High Jump

Serena, Lara, Anna and Didi - Year 5 Girls' Relay Team

Finley - 75m Sprint

Malakhi - 80m Sprint


Sianna - 80m Sprint

Fayo - Long Jump

A big thank you to all of the parents who came to watch and support our athletes!

Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

Upcoming Dates:


Year 6 Residential - Rockley (All week)

Transition Meetings;

2-2:30pm Nursery to Lower Foundation

2:30-3:00pm Lower Foundation to Upper Foundation

3:00-3:30pm Upper Foundation to Year 1

Scholastic Book Fair - Prep Playground

Tuesday :

Year 1 Kings and Queens' Dress Up Day

2:45-3:30pm Transition Meeting Year 3 to Year 4

Scholastic Book Fair

Wednesday :

2:45pm-3:30pm Transition Meeting Year 1 to Year 2

Thursday :

1AR Royal Mews Trip

2:45-3:30pm Transition Meeting Year 2 to Year 3

Friday :

Year 5 Greek Day

Year 2 Pirate Day Trip to Maritime Museum

Upper Foundation Trip to Wimbledon Theatre

1AW Class Assembly


OAFs Summer Fair


Gymnastics Competition Training

Beyond the Oak

Roll of Honour

Sebastian C-Mc- Literacy

Amelie B - Literacy

Emma C - Literacy

Archie C - Literacy

Have a wonderful weekend!


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