The Life of A Teacher

Every task that a teacher performs falls under one of the 6 categories.

  1. Planning, Developing, and Organizing Instruction
  2. Housekeeping and Recordkeeping
  3. Managing Student Conduct
  4. Presenting Subject Material
  5. Assessing Student Learning
  6. Meeting Professional Obligations

The average salary for a Public School Teacher is $54,142. The education needed for this position is to have attended college for 4 years and a bachelor's degree in the subject they are going to teach, as well as having completed a program of study in secondary education. The work skills needed are superior interpersonal skills, such as patience, collaborative skills to be able to work with kids and the co workers, and creativity to create a fun learning environment for the students. The work enviornement is in a classroom where you will be surrounded by students. You also will work with other teacher and administrators. Issues or problems that might arise is students behavior that might cause some tension. The benefits are that you get a Christmas break, Spring break, and a summer depending on what schedule your school follows. They help children in educating them for their future. They teach them things that will benefit them and helping them grow towards their future career.


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