Photoshop projects Josh Jacobus

My inspiration was what makes someones personality and who they are.

To me this art piece shows the many building blocks in someone and that once you are born you are forever growing and changing who you are.

All my images in the body are things in life that effect you I also used a construction sign because it shows that it will always change. I also put on the podium those who would effect who you are. In the corner I put a yin yang sign to show tho struggle of being good and being bad that might over come us. I also changed the background green to show adventurer.


My inspiration for this piece was a crazy band that is more bass drop music that is usually more abstract and explosive.

I used the Blue and Red because they are very different and catches the eyes I used a checker board pattern on the front to make each other pop out. I then used lines on the back so the songs could be more readable. on the disc I used a gradient that would look better if spinning.


My inspiration for this peace was to create a fun Zoo website that is attractive to kids and will catch the child's eyes when going through it

I used bright colors and different colors because kids are pulled to those colors and I used animals shapes to get the kids to be interested in them and comfortable and would be able to click them to navigate the website.


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Joshua Jacobus

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