Boosting a Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship in Your Students MOOC Learning diary


Module 1


Reverse Thinking

As the term ‘reverse thinking’ itself suggests, instead of adopting the logical, normal manner of looking at a challenge you reverse it, and think about opposite ideas. For instance, if I want to find ways to lose weight, I might ask myself the question “how can I put on more kilos?”.

This method for generating ideas is easier and generally more fun. It lowers fear of saying the wrong thing (as you are talking about bad examples) and stimulate wider dialogue. It also allow us to look at things from a different perspective.

Module 2

Lucy Griffiths's Enterprise Eggs

Looking into the Future

What teachers need to make sure, is to provoke curiosity about the future, and ask questions in order to develop students’ strategic thinking. Be sure to have always clear, and simple questions to guide your students through the process of visualising ideas.

Spotting Opportunities or Having a Vision?

Seeing the values of ideas

Ethical and sustainable thinking

5 competences in the First Area of the EntreComp Framework

Module 3

Assessment FOR Learning vs. other types of assessment
How resilient am I?
My motivational image

Simple Activity to teach Financial Literacy at School


Module 4

The "Risk it Game" - Slide 1
The "Risk it Game" - Slide 2
The "Risk it Game" board

Other possible activity: a CV of failures (a wonderful and famous example is this one)

Activity: learning from practical experience

Students select somebody who has successfully implemented a business idea and interview them, using certain guidelines.

3. Into Action

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