Portraits By: Alyssa

Outside Photo

This photo is taken from a worm's eye view with a lot of natural light behind the subject that shadows the subjects face. The background is simple and the subject is relaxed.

Away from the Wall

This photo is taken in the middle of the hallway. The subject has a very strong presence in the picture. It's taken at a tight shot and the background isn't distracting. The subject is relax and she's making intense eye contact with the camera and it changes the mood of the photo.

With Flash

This photo is taken using the flash in a dark setting. The background is isn't distracting and the subject is relaxed while still engaging in strong eye contact with the camera. The subject follows the rules of thirds.

Without Flash

This photo is taken in the same area but there's no flash used. This photo is taken at a tighter shot. Again the subject is very strong and making deep eye contact with the camera which gives the photo a different mood.

Against the Wall

The colors around the subject contrast against her dark attire and makeup, giving her a stronger presence. The photo isn't focused allowing for a different mood behind the picture that adds to the theme of all around carefree-ness.

Subject and Their Environment

The subject is relaxed and undeterred by the photo being taken. She's in her environment of the classroom doing classwork. The subject is the center of focus and the background isn't distracting. This is a tight shot.

Natural Lighting

This photo uses natural lighting from a window to accent the subject and give them a sense of presence in the tight shot. The repetitive bricks in the background aren't too distracting from the subject and apply leading lines that direct your attention to the subject.

My Choice

The subject in this photo is very strong. The background isn't distracting and the strong eye contact adds to the mood of the picture. This tight shot is very powerful and adds feeling to the photo. The light is highlighting the subjects face.

My Choice

In this photo the subject isn't looking directly at the camera and her eye contact with the floor adds an innocence to the picture. The subject is the clear center of focused but the photo isn't too tight. The light highlights the subjects arm but her head facing the ground makes it so there isn't too much light exposed to the face.

My choice

In this photo the subject is using a point to convey a meaning. The subject is relaxed and her facial expression and body language conveys a certain mood as well. The lighting highlights the prop that's being used but doesn't overshadow the subject.

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