Roycemore School Creative Jam EVANSTON, IL, NOVEMBER 15, 2019

32 high school-aged students at Roycemore School joined us for a uniquely special day of inspiration, collaboration, and creation. Over the course of six hours, they heard from a special guest speaker, got a crash course in Adobe XD, and designed and prototyped digital apps to help Evanston citizens.


9:30 am Welcome and kickoff

9:40 am Keynote session with Kumar Jensen, Chief Sustainability and Resilience Officer, City of Evanston

10:00 am Adobe XD bootcamp with Taylor Kobey, Adobe

11:00 am Design brief introduced, competition work time begins

12:00 pm Working lunch served

1:30 pm Competition work time ends, teams submit links to Adobe XD prototypes

1:45 pm Team presentations start

2:30 pm Judging and winners announced

Kumar Jensen kicked off the day with a keynote on the city’s many sustainability efforts, presenting data and solutions from the Climate Action and Resilience Plan. This information directly influenced the design challenge, so Kumar returned later to serve on the judging panel.

In preparation for the design challenge, Adobe’s Taylor Kobey introduced Adobe XD and capabilities for students to design and prototype their own digital apps.

Design brief

According to the Climate Action and Resilience Plan, “the first package that the City will focus on will be waste-related policies.” The idea of zero waste goes far beyond trash and recycling, though those are two of the most immediately visible challenges. It includes finding alternatives for unsold or near-expired food, removing single-use plastics like straws, reducing the waste that comes with construction or demolition, enforcing the plastic bag ban, making buildings more energy-efficient, and more.

These are huge issues, some of which you’ll never need to tackle. But other people in your community might, and they need education and resources to ensure they’re doing so in the right ways. Your challenge is to create a digital app that informs, motivates, and rewards the citizens of Evanston to achieve zero-waste status.

Roycemore students working during the competition

App prototypes by team

Team 1: Greener

Effie Zimmerman, Ismael Jaramillo, Owen Xu, Jack Liu

Team 2: Zero

Robin Yu, Riley Parris, Prahlad Lolla, La’Nycia Stanton

Team 3: Recyclopedia

Gary Chen, Daniel Black, Henry Zhang

Team 4: Recycle Right

Hanu Snyder, Mateo Camino-Rios, Alex Zhou, Nino Maruszewki, Aaron Iosevich

Team 5: Sell By

Ela Chintagunta, Tomas Prendergast, Peter Yang, Cindy Zhang

Team 6: Rico Eco

Chyna Cannon, Nina Lautman, Ellison Holloway, Toran Ham

Team 7: Envire

Richard Ackermann-Spieker, Theo Huston, Rob Schnide, Adam Levin

Team 8: Trackcycle

Sooliat Bakare, LeiLei He, Jim Shen, Hanna Ham

Teams presenting their prototypes at the end of the day

Congratulations to Team 5 for winning the Audience Award!

Congratulations to Team 8 for winning the Judges Award!

Thank you to the Adobe team, who came from all sides of the country to join the Jam: Taylor Kobey, Jill Gray, Clara Galan, and Mohamed Elrefai!

A special thank you to our mentors from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications: Connor Echols, Eunsang Oh, Nina Wescott, Samuel Bernitz, Savannah Christensen, Adrian Wan, and Khalil Ellis!

And the greatest of thanks to the Creative Jam planning team: Adrianne Finley Odell, Stefanie Rivera, and Beth Shutters from Roycemore; and Mango Curtis, from Northwestern University!

All photography by Allie Goulding, Northwestern University.
Created By
Mike Joosse