Seniors Riley Hopkins and Kebah Wilson rock today's trends Photos and story by Natalie Dupuis

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving all over the world.

While part of today’s popular fashion trends were once popular in the past and are now resurfacing, some have also become new trends within the past few months.

One popular trend at the moment are blazers. They add more of a business-like look along with providing warmth if needed. The different styles and colors can finish an outfit and tie it all together.

Blazers add to complete one’s outfit and can help layer in the winter months of the year.

If looking for a blazer on the cheaper end, you can find different kinds in thrift shops.

Another popular fashion trend are sweater vests. Sweater vests come in all different patterns, colors and sizes allowing people to create different looks.

Different colors and patterns can be worn at different points in the year allowing people to form different looks that go with each season best.

A popular sweater vest at the moment is a black and white patterned one that people can order off of Amazon. People can style sweater vests with jeans and skirts best, but can style them however they feel looks best to them.

ROCKIN' RETRO (LEFT): Hopkins and Wilson show off their old-school thrifted looks.

Handbags and totes are a popular trend because they’re useful and cute. Pairing a bag to your outfit can really add to it and help complete a look you may be going for.

While they are cute and come in all sorts of sizes, colors and patterns, handbags and totes are useful. You can store all necessities in one place instead of carrying everything with you in your hands. It’s convenient and really adds to an outfit.

The color brown has become more of a popular color to wear within the past few months.

Its color is able to be paired with a lot of different colors allowing people to create different outfits. Light and dark brown can be easily paired with different shades of green, cream, black and yellow.

The color brown causes a change in everyday colors that may be seen worn.

Monochromatic is described as using one color. Wearing monochromatic outfits consists of people wearing one color throughout to create a monochromatic look.

With different layers of clothing and different patterns, monochromatic looks have received lots of attention in the past months.

With COVID-19, face masks have become a part of everyday life. While they’re a hassall at times, they’ve become a part of fashion.

Face masks are being worn to match outfits. They come in all sorts of colors and patterns allowing people to match them to their outfits.

While these trends may be popular now, they’ll soon be replaced by future trends to come.

MONOCHROME MODELS (RIGHT): Hopkins and Wilson pose wearing monochromatic outfits.

BLUE TIMES TWO (ABOVE LEFT): Hopkins wears a long sleeve blue shirt underneath a tie-dye T-shirt paired with blue pants. VERY VIOLET (ABOVE RIGHT): Wilson wears an oversized dark purple sweatshirt with violet pants.
PRETTY IN PINK (ABOVE LEFT): Wilson layers a pink sweater vest over a short sleeve shirt. She pairs it with black pants. BLUE BANGER (ABOVE RIGHT): Hopkins wears a thrifted blue jacket layered with a short sleeve tie-dye blue and white T-shirt underneath.