Florida Museum of Natural History Mark Weaver

The African exhibit was my favorite exhibit in the natural history museum. This exhibit showed off the history of Africa and the people who lived there a long time ago. The design of this exhibit was unique, because it had videos, wall writing, sculptures, and paintings. Because of this unique design, I was able to learn more about the history of Africa and its people. It was so effective because the video allowed me to feel like I was living in that tie period. Photo taken 2/28 by Mark Weaver in Africa Exhibit.
The butterfly garden made me realize an appreciation for nature that I had never felt. As I watched the butterflies and the flowers, I felt a sense of peace. It was like the gracefulness and peacefulness of the butterflies was being rubbed off on me. This exhibit made me respect nature more than I already had. It made me want to do a better job of respecting nature.
This frog from the frog exhibit put my life into perspective. I never imagined that there could be a living creature that looks like this frog did. It made me realize how many unique people/beings there are on the earth. This made me think about how small I am with respect to how many other people/beings live on this earth. This poisonous frog made me appreciate the mystery of nature, because its unique color made me wonder how many other odd looking creatures are out in the world. Photo taken by Mark Weaver at frog exhibit on 2/28.

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