Water Cycle Journey

Hi my name is Able, Im a little rain drop I started in the clouds and made my way Down to the the river. I'm the youngest in the group. I follow after my brother I'm only one years old I age by repeating the water cycle. Eathen is ahead of me he's already in the soil surface. I'm gonna catch up to him!

"Eathan, Eathan

"Oh hey able, how you doing?"

"Im doing really good I'm glad I get to travel and do the water cycle." I feel like I just ran a marathon!" Wait, can water droplets run hmm, "whatever."

I'm sinking into the ground! "The next step of the water cycle is sinking into the soil surface.

Whoo, this is fun! I love sinking and rising into new places. The wonderful places you'll go. As me and my brother went down to the soil surface we met another rain drop her name was Angie she was a small rain drop and was my age this was her first cycle "come on" I said let's go to the next step of the water cycle.

Me, my new friend and my brother all went to the river the sun was out than all of a sudden move I started flying up to the sky. "Weee I'm flying!" Than my brother and Angie started flying. "What's happening to us?"

"Were evaporating we're going to the next step of the water cycle." Than me my brother and Angie went so high we touched the sky. We crawled into a enormous, fluffy white cloud.

We started filling with so much water we couldn't help but cry ourselves Down to the river. Just to start the water cycle again I was 4,000 years old and I got soooooo huge!

We also saw a whole bunch of other rain drops.

Created By
Tamara Condry


Created with images by sipa - "clouds nature clouds form"

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