New AlpineTopiaVIlle city yep

Mission statement:

Here in AlpineTopiaVille City, we incorporate reading and technology together with a healthy lifestyle.

We are Here to have fun, live healthy, and be nice to each other.

Our motto: Live Better

Citizen Rules:

1. There is no alcohol, or any form of intoxicating liquids allowed

2.Drugs of any kind are not allowed.

3.Technology is to be used responsibly.

4.Citizens will not lie.

5. citizens will not cheat and steal.

6. only respectful music is to be listened to, no heavy metal crap.

7.Only 2 genders are recognized, no changing genders.

8. homosexuallism is not acceptable

9. swearing is not acceptable

10. voilence is not permitted

Location: Alpine, UT

Alpine is a very beautiful place with nature and technology working together

Government: Joey-Ocracy

Because I chose it to be that way and when i die the rules are set in stone until a new, capable, leader is elected.

Membership rules:

Required to be a lawful citizen and be kind and Helpful to neighbors.

Required to not do drugs. Required to never drink alcohol, Required to not be Violent, be peaceful

Come to AlpineTopiaVille City! We have food and video games!


Day schedule, very lenient and changeable per person:

Wake up at 6:00 Then go back to sleep, wake up again at 9:00, get ready for school. Go to school at 10:00. Lunch time (Pizza pie cafe and other places cater daily for everyone for free) 3:00 Schools out, free time. 5:00 is family time, do family bonding things. Free time again until 9:00 then you go to sleep unless you don't want to.

Created By
Joseph Isaacson


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